Buy training time

NTNUi Tennis can offer two types of memberships. Please contact if you have any technical questions regarding membership registration.

   Weekly training session (incl. drop-in)

Do you wish a weekly training session which you can attend each week? Then you should buy this membership. This semester we have 142 spots available. Of these, 2 are still available.

Members with weekly a training session can also attend other sessions with free spots, just as drop-in members. You can set yourself as attending on other sessions when there are less than 72 hours until the session starts.

Price for one session per week (Spring 2024): NOK 650 per semester.

   Drop in membership

With a drop-in membership, you are able to set yourself as a substitute on all training sessions where there are available slots. You can set yourself as a substitute when there is less than 72 hours to the session starts. The number of available drop-in-memberships left for sale is 108.

Price, drop-in-membership (Spring 2024): NOK 550 per semester.