If you want to attend the training sessions just follow this simple recipe. We hope you can find an available spot!

This autumn (2024) the membership fee is 650 NOK for one hour per week. The fee for a “drop-in” membership is 550 NOK.

Join NTNUI. NTNUI is the parent association of NTNUI Tennis. To become a member of NTNUI Tennis you must also become a member of NTNUI. Read more about the NTNUI membership.
Create user profile here at NTNUI Tennis. User Profile is required if you want to buy training sessions. After you have created a user profile and chosen your type of membership you will recieve an e-mail regarding payment information.
Choose membership. We open our online session sale usually in the second week after each semester start. Information about the exact opening time will be informed through the web sites and the mailing lists. Usually the sessions are sold out quickly, so be ready when registration opens. An alternative to buy regular sessions is to buy a “drop-in” membership, which enables you to take available substitute sessions. You will get more information about how you can buy training sessions after you log into your user profile.